How to Tune a Ukulele

As we have said time and time again, it is very important that you keep your strings in tune. Here are the different ways you can do it.

The Basic Keys

First, you need to know the proper pitch for all four strings.

  • First string: G (The top string if you’re right handed, meaning you strum with your right hand.)
  • Second string: C
  • Third string: E
  • Fourth string: A

Memorize it by remembering the keys as G, C, E, A. Make sure you know the sound of each pitch so that you can easily play it by ear the next time you try to tune your Ukulele.

To easily remember GCEA, just think that it’s an acronym for this statement, “Great Cooks Eat A lot!”

There are two types of Ukulele tuning. These are as follows:

Electronic Tuner
Also known as a chromatic tuner, this is the easiest way to tune your Ukulele. It is a kind of device that automatically detects the pitch of your string. It has a small screen that will show what pitch are you at and you just have to adjust the string accordingly until you get the sound right.

How to use the electronic/chromatic tuner

  • Turn it on.
  • Choose your instrument — Depending on your device, you may be asked to choose which instrument you want to tune. Some tuners can tune different instruments. If that’s the case, choose the Ukulele settings.
  • Clip the device at the head of your ukulele
  • Strum each strings – Again depending on your device, you’ll see a pin in the middle of the screen. This pin moves as you strum a string. Make sure it stays in the middle with the corresponding chord. If it doesn’t adjust your tuners and strum again.

Manual Tuning
You can also tune your instrument through a guitar or a piano. This is very important most especially if you are both in a band or if you are playing together. Here’s how:

• Tuning with a Guitar.
Make sure that the guitar is properly in tune. Now to double check if your Ukulele has the right keys, ask the guitarist to play the following:
1. Guitar’s E string on fifth fret on Ukulele’s A string
2. Guitar’s E string (open) on Ukulele’s E string
3. Guitar’s B string on first fret on Ukulele’s C string
4. Guitar’s E string on third fret on Ukulele’s G string

• Tuning with a Piano.
If you’re with a pianist or a keyboardist, you can easily check if you’re in tune by having them play the following keys:
1. Piano’s middle C key is for Ukulele’s C string
2. Piano’s two white keys up from the middle C is Ukulele’s E string
3. Piano’s four white keys up from the middle C is Ukulele’s G string
4. Piano’s five white keys up from the middle C is Ukulele’s A string

ukulele tuning using piano

There you have it. These things can surely come in handy when it comes to proper Ukulele tuning.

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